Hysucat RIB’s

Hysucat supplied four 28 (8.5) RIB chase-boats to follow the foiling, wing-sailed AC45 catamarans on the course of Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in New York and Chicago 2016. Race officials chose the Hysucat over other RIBs because the Hysucat is able to keep up with the catamarans in heavy chop while still giving a comfortable, safe ride that leaves a little wake.

The 28 Hysucat RIB chase-boats feature a striking combination of speed, power, and stability, all of which are crucial in races where boats reach speeds of up to 50 mph (45 knots).

The chase boats were in the front line of support, carrying sailors, emergency personnel, coaches, designers and technicians who are on the water throughout training sessions and race days.

The Hysucat 8.5 is a fast, fuel-efficient, and very stable RIB using a hydrofoil supported catamaran design. This vessel’s resin infused, vacuum sealed hull, is designed to make the boat quicker, lighter and stronger. These factors also contribute to the comfort, reliability and fuel efficiency of the craft.

The center console design offers excellent all round visibility and ease of access to all parts of the boat. Acceleration is another important aspect of the chase boats and the Hysucat 8.5 rigged with twin 140 Suzuki engines and Powertec 4 blade propellers can reach 50 mph in only 6 seconds. It is vital for the chase boats to be able to move quickly as the AC72 catamaran yachts have a 40 foot LOA and are capable of extreme speeds.

Hysucat RIB’s are also scheduled to support the 35th America’s Cup during the big event in 2017.

Hysucat 28 RIB – Official chase boat at America’s Cup World Series in New York and Chicago 2016