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Thinking of Buying a RIB Boat?

center console rib boat

The RIB, or RHIB, has been one of the most reliable and iconic types of boat for many years. RIB or RHIB simply stands for Rigid (Hulled) Inflatable Boat and can be seen almost anytime you are on the intercoastal or the open ocean. RIBs are extremely reliable boats, constructed with a solid hull, lightweight, and inflatable tubes that line the entire outside of the boat. The unique design of a RIB makes it extremely easy for the boat to withstand large wave impacts and boat wake. This is achieved using something called Variable Geometry Hull, meaning the hull will change shapes when taking an impact. 

The tubes that line the side of the boat are meant for additional protection around the hull when coming close to another vessel or trying to dock. These unique safety features that are only found on a RIB make it very appealing to sailors everywhere. 


Things to Consider When Looking for a RIB Boat


RIBs have gone through many changes as time has gone on. The Hysucat RIB is one of the best when it comes to features, comfort, and overall fun factor. It features a beautiful center console equipped with modern peripherals and tons of comfortable seating that can fit the whole family. Other RIBs can also come with cabins under the hull if you want to stay out on the water overnight. There are lots of different types of RIB boats, all with different features and price points that will fit any buyer’s needs and budget. 




While there are lots of different manufacturers and takes on the RIB, they all generally have the same shape and size. Garnering a long, narrow, and deep V-shaped hull that makes it perfect for tearing through those tough waves. One negative that buyers will have to consider is the threat of getting wet. While RIBs are perfect for getting through any situation, they can be a little unpredictable and don’t always provide the best cover. If you plan on using your boat for off-shore exploration, a more general-purpose craft would most likely be the best option. 

The sponsons on a RIB play a bigger role in how the boat will perform than many may think. If the sponsons sit lower into the water, the craft will be more stable and overall a smoother ride, however, you’ll see an increase in drag. On the other hand, RIBs with higher sitting sponsons will feel more unstable but offer higher speeds. 




While everyone wants the big and shiny engine that has the highest number on the side, it’s important to think about the purpose of your RIB. 

Larger RIBs can support a diesel engine although this will come with hefty gas prices. Most RIBs are usually seen with normal propellers but it’s also possible for them to be powered by a jet drive. Jet drive engines will allow you to reach places a normal propeller engine wouldn’t like shallow beaches and estuaries. The big downside with these engines is fuel consumption is 35% higher than a standard propeller engine. 


Looking to Buy a RIB Boat?


If a RIB sounds like something you’re interested in, contact our sales team today so we can start building the perfect RIB today. Visit our contact page or call us at 252-940-9965.