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New RHIB 28 Is Delivered to The Owner

New RHIB 28 Is Delivered to The Owner

Bering Marine is happy to announce the delivery of its newest RHIB 28’ Hysucat to the owner. Built in the Classic Center Console design, this multipurpose lightweight vessel is ideal for a restful day out on the water or a thrilling diving expedition, joyful family adventure or a quick long-distance trip.

Following the standard Hysucat design, this new 8.5-meter boat features a solid catamaran hull which consists of two fully asymmetrical demi-hulls connected by the double arc-tunnel. An inflatable tube system is constructed to reduce the possibility of being punctured in any way, while also maintaining the highest level of buoyancy and durability.

Current 28RHIB model shows carbon – reinforced t-top and console providing strong and light weight superstructure.

Adapted for a warm-temperature use, this catamaran features a bright-colored furniture and seating to go along with the white of the hull. Its ergonomically designed areas will comfortably fit 10 people. This boat is made to provide its passengers a very exciting or a relaxing day on the water – whichever you chose.