February 2022

How Long Do RIBs Last For?

Rigid Inflatable Boats or RIBs have been the boat for marine professionals and hobbyists alike. Their reliability and great features make them sought after and fun to drive. If you’re thinking about getting a RIB, you might be thinking about how long they last. This makes sense since these boats, unlike other boats, are inflated and don’t have a solid structure. There’s no reason to worry. Modern-day RIBs are built to last. Thanks to developments in RIB technology, these boats can last just as long as their solid counterparts.  Hysucat has been manufacturing and selling luxurious RIBs for years and wants to show you how these boats are built to last. If you’re interested in a RIB, head over to our RIB page and see how our RIBs are built differently.  Life Expectancy Depending on the size and brand of your RIB, the life expectancy can vary. For smaller and more compact boats, the life expectancy is usually around 10-15

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