August 2021

Thinking of Buying a RIB Boat?

The RIB, or RHIB, has been one of the most reliable and iconic types of boat for many years. RIB or RHIB simply stands for Rigid (Hulled) Inflatable Boat and can be seen almost anytime you are on the intercoastal or the open ocean. RIBs are extremely reliable boats, constructed with a solid hull, lightweight, and inflatable tubes that line the entire outside of the boat. The unique design of a RIB makes it extremely easy for the boat to withstand large wave impacts and boat wake. This is achieved using something called Variable Geometry Hull, meaning the hull will change shapes when taking an impact.  The tubes that line the side of the boat are meant for additional protection around the hull when coming close to another vessel or trying to dock. These unique safety features that are only found on a RIB make it very appealing to sailors everywhere.    Things to Consider When Looking for a RIB

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Tips For Buying A RHIB Boat 2021

If you’ve been on the hunt for your first boat or a new one to move into from your old vessel, look no further than a RHIB. A rigid hulled inflatable boat, or RHIB, are highly sought after for their modular capabilities, flexibility, and surprising durability, making them ideal for a myriad of purposes. Whether outfitting one for fishing trips, diving, speed, or utility usage like a workboat or rescue boat, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and then some in a RHIB. If you’re new to boat buying or interested in moving into your very own RHIB boat in 2021, there’s probably a few questions that have crossed your mind, and some things you may not have thought about at all. Don’t fret, we here at Hysucat break down buying a rib boat in 2021.

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