June 2021

Why RHIBs are Perfect For Rescue Operations

While everyone envisions a day out on the water as a calm and relaxing trip, it can be anything but depending on the weather. When ships are sinking or capsized out in the middle of the ocean, you need a vessel capable of being rapidly deployed and getting to the destination quickly & efficiently. The natural solution to any future rescue operation is an RHIB boat outfitted for rescue ops. Rescue RHIB boats are designed to do exactly as intended: hit the water running and minimize the time spent reaching those in danger, especially when every single minute and second can make a difference.  Rapid Deployment And Traversing One of the core benefits of using a Rescue RHIB boat is its ability to quickly hit the water and go. Whereas traditional rescue boats and other workboats need a moment to get to where they need to, RHIBs get you to your destination in a hurry. The rigid hull allows it

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