March 2021

Why Militaries Depend on RIB Boats

As militaries shift and modernize, so do the tools they use daily. Whether that’s the weapon systems they use or the helmets on their heads, there’s a constant evolution to ensure they have the winning edge. One of those developments has been the expanded use of military RIB boats. While RIBs are typically seen as recreational boats or yacht tenders, there are distinct characteristics that lead them to use RIB boats for their operations. Flexibility Militaries can use RIB boats in several versatile roles. Whether it be clandestine operations, rescue, troop transport, or rapid deployment, RIBs give militaries the edge to use their tools in many different roles. RIBs are great for open water environments just as much as they are for narrow riverways. Whatever they’re needed for, military RIB boats are more than capable of the mission. Durability  While military RIB boats are fast, they’re also known for lasting. Military conditions aren’t known for being the smoothest. They require

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