September 2020

RIB or Center Console Boat?

So you’re ready to be a boat owner, but you’re stuck between two choices: a RIB or a center console boat. Both are amazing water vehicles, each carrying their own unique set of perks. But both are different in design and function. And most of all, both of them can only benefit you in certain ways. When you choose one boat over the other, you can only benefit from the features of that boat alone, so which one do you choose? If you’ve ever felt indecisive about the boat type you should purchase and own, then continue reading below. We’ve listed the amazing facets of each boat type below, both of which are sold right here at Hysucat. Which One to Own: a RIB or Center Console Boat? RIB RIB (or Rigid Inflatable Boats) are known for their cruising capabilities and are utilized the most for simple exploration. They’re also used a lot for small trips through the water. Below,

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