August 13, 2020

Day 1 – 28.07.2020

Leg1: Kemer-Kekova. Bering 70 crew pays visit to Santa-Claus! The long awaited journey of the Bering Yachts crew along the Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coasts has finally commenced at midnight July 28th. As it was initially planned, the voyagers covered the first leg Kemer-Kekova at night and therefore had a full day left for discoveries. The initial idea of this pocket-odyssey was to prove that even with time constraints one can easily set for private expedition. With modern explorer yacht as Bering 70 (in this case) a large family or bunch of friends can have two weeks of fun with easy budget and maximum adventures. The idea proved success right from the instance. To cover the first 65 miles leg from Kemer to Kekova for Bering 70 took only 7.5 hours with average 7 knots of speed. The boat consumed only 115 litres of fuel and no precious time of the travelers as they had the quietest night underway. Morning

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Incredible Journey Hysucat and Steel Yacht Bering

11 cities in 12 days? Bering Yachts to reinvent the idea of exploring Myth busting is what Bering Yachts is all about. Several misconceptions and stereotypes were already proved wrong by the company’s own experience. The company is sure that modern explorer yacht can be reliable, comfortable and efficient in long range trips. Now is the time to prove that constant time shortage may not stop one from undertaking a small expedition that can be both easy to manage and full of fun and adventures. How is that possible? Think out of the box. While yacht can travel at night the day time is reserved for discoveries. Mid range Bering 70 is the right choice for such a trip. Large displacement explorer yacht with shallow draft allows for close costal travelling without need for open sea routing. This saves a lot of time and fuel. Meanwhile low noise and unprecedented stability of the steel hulled yacht guarantees quiet rest for

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