March 2019

Top 5 Tips To Maintaining Your Hyscuat Center Console All Year Long

As a boat owner, you’re proud to show off your vessel to the world. Whether it’s through pictures, giving people a tour whenever they visit or allowing onlookers to bask in its glory as you cruise by. When it comes to your Hysucat center console, it’s vital that you treat it right every day so you may enjoy it to the fullest whenever you decide to take it out onto the water. There are five key steps to ensure your boat enjoy a long and fruitful life. Five Steps To Maintain A Healthy Hysucat Center Console Wash Your Center Console Regularly Check Oil Levels Ensure Propeller Isn’t Damaged Remove Any Water Store Properly Wash Your Center Console Regularly While it may seem exhausting to wash your center console after an entire day out on the water, it’s an important final step before ending the day. Leaving your boat unwashed allows for saltwater and other residues to sit on your hull.

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