November 2018

What Separates Hysucat From Other Hydrofoil Companies?

The Hysucat brand is one of the best hydrofoil RIB boats in the industry for those looking to get performance, comfort, fuel economy, and a smooth ride experience. The difference between a Hysucat and other RIB boats is the design from which they came. Our designs come from a background of overcoming rough waters with innovation. What Is a RIB Boat? Rigid inflatable boats (or RIBs) are the key to performing better than past designs. These lightweight boats have a solid hull with inflatable tubes around the sides. These tubes allow the boats to be a low height to avoid wind resistance. While reaching racing speeds, a boat at this low of a height can get water inside the cabin. A small boat can fill up with water quickly in rougher ocean conditions. The inflatable tubes give extra buoyancy to keep it afloat. These low-lying boats are perfect for lifeboats or for transportation between military vessels which require a fast

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